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No Pass – No Play – No Exceptions


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For all USSF sanctioned competitions that we work, we must make sure that the participants have a valid pass for the competition. In addition to being used to validate that the rosters and players match and are in order, the pass may be required as the “entry ticket” to enter the pitch in competitions with limited substitutions. In competitions with unlimited substitutions, the player still must have a valid pass at check-in (and for late arrivals, before they enter the pitch).

With one exception, the passes for any one match must be the same for both teams and for all participants on each team. Some teams have passes from more than one registration authority (such as NJYS and US Club). In some cases the same two teams will play each other under one set of passes, and then play again another time under the other. We cannot allow mixed passes, even for coaches. Both teams and all participants play under one set or the other – never mixed.

The exception: EDP will permit an official friendly match in which one team has US Club passes and the other USYSA passes. This friendly MUST be approved by the EDP league administrator (you should have an email to that effect). All of the players on one team must have the same passes. If these conditions do not exist, do not officiate the match. Collect your fee, write up your report, and submit to your assignor and competition authority.

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