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How to Get Added to the SJ Saturday and Sunday Referee Pools

For those of you who are Grade 8 referees (or better) and would like to be added to the pool of referees assigned to Saturday SJ Girls and Sunday SJ Boys and Girls Soccer League matches, please send me an email ( Note that there is a different referee pool and assignor account for Saturday and for Sunday. Please indicate which day(s) you want to work.

If you are a Grade 9 referee and are interested in working travel assignments, please understand the following:

  • Grade 9 referees are limited to working as assistant referees only, and for ages U14 and younger only.
  • The SJSL (boys) limits use of Grade 9 referees to U12 and under.
  • You are expected to manage your own communications with the assignor (not your parent or guardian).
  • You are expected to manage your own schedule in Arbiter.
  • You are expected to work assignments for days and times you show available.
  • You are expected to have transportation to locations within thirty minutes of your home.
  • You are expected to have yellow short and long sleeve jerseys and at least one alternate color jersey (any sleeve length).
  • You are expected to have all other necessary equipment and uniform components and dress professionally for all assignments.

If you are interested in these opportunities, please email me ( Thank you…


Getting Ready for Spring Soccer

Spring is Just Around the Corner

Are you ready for some Futbol?

You should also be checking through your gear and uniforms to make sure that you are ready to hit the ground running. I have an expectation that a new referee with the Fall season under his or her belt will have one or more alternate jerseys and a long-sleeve yellow. As a self-employed professional you need to invest in your business if you want to grow your business. Here is a good starting list for your second season of work:

  • The Basics (beyond or enhancing your starter kit):
    • Two pairs of referee shorts (no white-trimmed basketball shorts)
    • Long-sleeve yellow jersey
    • Short-sleeve black jersey (can be worn with LS black sweat shirt as alternate cold weather jersey)
    • Third short-sleeve jersey (green is a popular choice)
    • Two pairs of 3-stripe and two pairs of 2-stripe socks
    • Extra/different whistle (not a pea whistle)
    • Second (back-up) watch with timer
    • Second (back-up) pair of black shoes (different sole surface, e.g. turf versus flat, cleats versus turf, etc.)
    • Black duffel/gym bag
  • Cold-Weather Gear:
    • Black long-sleeve sweat shirt/cold shirt
    • Plain black windbreaker/jacket
    • Black knit hat and gloves

SPRING TOURNAMENTS: There are several in-season tournaments in the Spring. I do not assign any that occur on what would otherwise be a league weekend. If you are looking for tournaments, a good place to start is the NJ Youth Soccer Tournament Directory at Read the rest of this entry