Soccer Referee Recertification for 2014

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Recertification classes for 2014 Grade 8 are now available. The recertification exam for Grade 7 is also available. Information is on the website under “Registered Referees” tab. The actual courses are accessed by logging into GameOfficials and choosing your “NJ SRC Official” identity (if you have more than one). Choose “Courses”, “Referee Courses”, and then “2014 Grade 8 (or 7) Recert…”. Do not procrastinate – they are filling rapidly.

You must pass the online test no later than three days before the classroom session in order to attend the classroom session and be recertified. The date on the website for each course is the date by which you must have passed the online exam (you have three opportunities). This date is three days before the classroom session (so they know who to prepare for). For example, if the date on the website is Wednesday December 11, the actual classroom session is Saturday December 14 (you can click on the course number to see the actual details).

Please take the online exam requirements seriously. Do NOT wait until the last day to take it the first time. Read all of the supporting material first and have it open in your browser for reference. If you fail the first time (please don’t, but if you do), DO NOT take the test again immediately. Contact me or another experienced referee and talk about what was confusing to you. If you fail a third time, you will not be allowed to referee USSF matches in 2014 (you cannot even take the initial course again) and you will need to wait a year.

Grade 8 referees also have an online course you can review ahead of the test. See below (from

2014 NJSRC Recertification Instructions for Grade 8


Registration for the 2014 NJSRC Recertification Program is now open. There are only two ways you can recertify and be a registered referee in New Jersey:

  1. Complete the NJSRC Recertification Program
  2. If you primarily live out of state (ex: a college student) you can, with permission from the NJSRC  take a recertification class in another state

The 2014 NJSRC Referee Recertification program will consist of two parts. This year you will take the 50 question recertification exam online and then attend a classroom session.

You must pass the online exam prior to attending the classroom session. You will be given three attempts to pass the exam. If you do not pass the exam after three attempts, you cannot recertify for 2014.

Online Exam:

Just like in the classroom you will have a limited amount of time to take the exam. You will be allowed 90 minutes to complete the exam. Be sure you have 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to take the Exam because once you begin the Exam, you cannot stop and restart the Exam. Once you start the Exam, this will count as an opportunity to pass the Exam regardless of how many questions are answered.

This exam is available to be taken in Spanish. If you would prefer to take the exam in Spanish, please contact the referee office by email at (Do Not Call) to get the override code. You will only be allowed to take the exam in Spanish or English a total of 3 times!

The Online Recertification Exam consists of 50 questions. You will answer the questions based on the Grade 8 Referee Course for testing all new and current Grade 8 Referees working games at the competitive youth level. The minimum passing scores are Grade 8 is 80%.

The Grade 8 Course can be found at:

It is strongly recommended you take this online course prior to your first attempt at taking this exam.

Please contact me with any questions. You should all know the Laws of the Game so you should all pass. That being said, not everyone responds well to tests. In addition, online tests TRICK your brain into clicking on the first answer that sounds right (think how we reward speed in video games). PLEASE READ EVERY ANSWER BEFORE CHOOSING WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE CORRECT. At least one answer in every question is “almost” correct.

For the grade 8 exam, read the question as it stands – do not look for tricks or traps. Ask yourself, “Why would they ask a question like this?” The answer should be “To show I know this basic requirement of the LOTG”. The Grade 7 exam is not based upon the LOTG, but instead on the game management awareness and techniques expected of a referee at that level.

Good luck – I want to see all of you back for 2014!..


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