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New Referee Courses Announced

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The NJ Referee Committee has announced the entry-level (Grade 8) class schedule for this Summer. Please pass on to anyone interested in becoming a referee (they must be sixteen years of age by the first day of the class). Students are now required to take online lessons and a test before the actual classroom sessions. It appears that the registration fee includes an OSI referee starter kit (perhaps to get some consistency in appearance for new referees). Registration information is here:

Recertification classes for existing referees have not yet been posted…


Mark Geiger and the Mexico-Costa Rica CONCACAF Qualifier

Here is a reminder from Scott Ashcroft by way of Mark Mittelstadt:

The MexicoCosta Rica CONCACAF qualifier is on ESPN tonight at 8:00 PM. Coverage begins at 7:30 PM. New Jersey’s own Mark Geiger will officiate.

Azteca stadium in Mexico City

Azteca stadium in Mexico City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)