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Additional Assistant Referees

If you have aspirations to making it to the FIFA panel as a referee or assistant referee, or you have just been curious about the new Additional Assistant Referee (AAR) mechanics, please check out the video at this link:

Besides getting to hear Pierluigi Collina talk about refereeing, you can see how the AARs communicate with the referee. I was fascinated by the nature of the chatter on the radio. The video also notes that the AARs are actually staffed by members of the referee panel and the 4th official (previously always a referee) can be staffed by an assistant referee. This puts at least three referee-level officials on each match.


Arsenal-Tottenham 17 November with Howard Webb

If we have aspirations of pursuing a referee career and upgrading to Grade 7 and beyond, the first half of today’s Gunners-Hot Spurs match offers some interesting development points. While Howard Webb is not everyone’s favorite referee, he was faced with several critical match incidents. If you have a chance to catch a replay, or recorded it, you may find it instructional.

In the 17th minute, Adebayor left his feet and made contact with his studs using excessive force in a tackle attempt. Referee Webb issued a red card. He did not fall into the trap of thinking that you shouldn’t dismiss a player early in the match. The referee did not create the man-down situation, the player did.

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